Who we are


In 2017 long-standing colleagues and friends David Foley & Jack Smedley found themselves with an abundance of brand new, un-played music. Much of this music was created during the writing process of the three critically acclaimed albums they have released with RURA, an award-winning Scottish folk act of which they are founding members.


Since meeting in 2008, Foley & Smedley have gone on to share stages across the globe with RURA and have performed as a duo at countless events throughout the UK.

Having each performed with some of the biggest names in the folk scene and recorded with a plethora of award winning artists, the pair are sought after musicians in their own right.

Foley & Smedley officially joined forces in 2018 for a performance at the world famous Celtic Connections festival and the duo’s debut album is set for release in the autumn of 2019.




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